Limit on number of physical interfaces?

  • Hi,

    I'm running pfSense 2.3.4 as a VMware virtual machine. I have the prebuilt appliance obtained via the gold membership. Works great with up to and including eight "physical" nics (from pfSense's perspective). Each nic is assigned a different subnet in esxi, spread around on a few different virtual switches, each is assigned to a different virtual network.

    All the nics are vmxnet.

    Everything works fine until I add a ninth nic: I shut down the vm, add the nic through vsphere, put it on its own virtual network, start the vm, everything appears to boot correctly on the console, and when that finishes the displayed interface assignment is the same as it was before, as expected. in otherwords, the previously existing interfaces are all present, nothings out of order, they should all be working.

    Except they're not. There is no response to ping on the LAN interface address, the web gui does not come up. Basically there is no network at all. The only thing that works is the console.

    So I shut it down, remove the nic via vpshere, start it up, and it's all ok again.

    Is there some kind of limit in BSD or pfSense? It's pretty hard to imagine that, but even harder to imaging that it's a limit in VMware.

    Any advice? What can I do with the console to try to discover what's gone wrong in the config?


  • thanks for the link, good thread!


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