Question about networking

  • Hi everyone,
    I have need some advance on new setup network environment.
    Site A (headquarter):

    WanA–--port-0 ---pfsense firewall(headquarter)
    WanB----port-1----pfsense firewall(headquarter)

    pfsense firewall(headquarter)---port2---switch--(office PCs)(e.g.

    Site B(branch):
    WanA----port-0 ---pfsense firewall(branch)
    WanB----port-1----pfsense firewall(branch)

    pfsense firewall(headquarter)---port2---switch--(office PCs)(e.g.

    Here is the thing, I have subscribe a leaseline between branch and headquarter .
    I have an IP phone system in headquarter e.g., and branch office have some ip phone

    What kind of configuration should I setup in order to connect it up from the ip phone(branch) to the ip phone system(headquater) , btw I have successfully configure a gateway failover group for headquarter.And also I use site-to-site to connect to andother branch.

    Thank you

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