Separate VLANs to have different public IPs.

  • So I want to implement network that has let's say two VLANs for guests and users.
    I have got Fixed public IP range from ISP x.x.x.x/29 they say meant to be used on DMZ port and is routed via routers WAN port IP as NEXT-HOP.

    I would like to give different public IPs to each VLAN. It would be useful if I want to block some internet/cloud service that have access lists by IP addresses so main VLAN can access it and guest can't (because different IP).

    I would be grateful if anyone can give me tips what would be best way to do this.
    Do I need any other special hardware besides pfsense router to do this?
    What is recommended way to do this?
    Is it possible?

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