SSO with LDAP Auth

  • pfsense2.3.4 + squid-3.5.26 + squidguard-1.4_15

    Can we use LDAP authentication with SSO? means… seamlessly sign on without asking for username and password?

    If yes, how can we do this?

    Kind Regards,
    Sajeel Ahmad

  • Can anyone please assist me on this?

  • In my opinion it is not possible without additional components on the client-side.
    IMHO the best way is to join the domain with your pfsense and then use ntlm for squid-auth.
    If you look at commercial firewalls (like sophos) they do it the same way.
    If you want to do it with pfsense, you would have to use a third-party addon. (
    But unfortunately it is not recommended to use third-party addons on pfsense.
    It would be great if it could be added as an official package.

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