SG-2220 performance Q

  • Hi,

    I can't get much of a sense of how much traffic the various
    netgate boxes will support.  Specifically, what level of
    symmetric service will a SG-2220 "max out" if I want to:

    • Route the whole house to an OpenVPN provider
    • Route part of the house on OpenVPN provider using VLAN
          tagging from a switch (and the rest to the WAN).
    • Support an occasional OpenVPN or IPsec inward
    • Block ads and trackers
    • Filter the kid's access to websites
    • Filter the kid's access by time
    • (DNS, DHCP, ntp…)
    • Eventually play with snort, squid, and squidguard

    Assume 3 humans surfing, gaming or streaming video, one
    always-on server with a torrent client, and various appliances
    (TiVos, Echos, Sonos).


  • Galactic Empire

    SG-2220 can do up to a gigabit NAT. With OpenVPN AES-128-CBC it will max out around 78Mbps. In our tests with IPsec AES128-GCM IKEv2 we reached around 322Mbps on the unit.

  • Thanks!  Would you happen to have numbers for OpenVPN AES-256-CBC on the SG-2220 and SG-2440?

  • Galactic Empire

    Sorry, no AES-256-CBC numbers.

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