Reallocation of nic names after a fault

  • Hi everyone.

    I tried to search for a similar issue in the forum but i did not find anything.
    Hope anyway not to double post.

    My scenario is a hw platform with 8 10/100/1000 nics and a 2.3.4-release.
    Basically 1 WAN on igb4, 1 vlan over lagg trunk (of 3 nics, igb2 igb3 igb6) connected to a switch, 1 lan igb5 dedicated to local maintenaince.

    I recently experienced a network outage. The person who faced the issue, after one/two restarts, realized that there was a faulty nic, the wan (igb4).
    He logged to the system and reassigned the WAN interface to igb0, switched cable, … and all started to work again.

    After that i connected to the system to assess the situation and i noticed two things:

    • issuing an ifconfig from shell, igb3 and igb6 present a "no carrier" status

    • more interestingly, the same ifconfig command does not show any igb7 (but i don't know if this was also before the event)

    If the first point just make me think that the fault involves not only 1 nic, but 3… the second point make me suspicious that after the reset the pairing "igbX name" <-> "macaddress/physicalnic" has changed... is that possible?
    How can I investigate?
    In a linux server i would search in udev activity... but in freebsd?

    Thank a lot for the help and the hints  :)


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