Problems browsing with IE

  • Hello everyone, i'm having an issue browsing on IE with the proxy active. I can ping over CMD to any site but cannot browse on IE, but if i use firefox or chome it browse normally. It has to be something in the proxy config cause every single pc with windows XP (and specifically on IE) can't browse. I need to use IE for a system that uses WEB RDP Access. This only happens on XP in windows 7, 8 and 10 with IE i can browse normally. In XP i tested with IE 6, 7 and 8 and it's all tjhe same. i would be great if someone has any idea.

    Sorry for bad english.


  • What's the actual issue? eg. timeout, cert error, empty page, etc

  • Not say much, no code or similar, just that cannot show the page (in spanish no se puede mostrar la pagina)

  • After a while trying diferent settings i get it to work, it's not the best way to do this but the only i found. In the SSL Man In the Middle Filtering i changed from "Splice Whitelist, Bump Otherwise" to "Splice All" and now IE in windows XP is browsing with the proxy settings, as i said before it's not the best way but the only i get working, and the sites that are forbidden don't show the custom message but an ssl error and it's not accesible, in the end the result it's the same.
    Thanks everyone for the help.


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