What is the correct way to setup a wireless access point on 2.0?

  • What is the correct way to setup an access point on 2.0?

    I configured LAN with DHCP, OPT1 on ath0, type as none, then created a bridge between lan and opt1, added a firewall rule to pass everything from lan to opt1 and a second rule to pass everything from opt1 to lan. I can associate but no traffic goes through. not even dhcp. the firewall seem to be blocking traffic. Can anybody help with this?



  • You need to allow proto udp port 68 to get in on OPT1 so it can arrive to dhcp server.

  • I have same setup, on my wireless interface I set the type to static, then gave it a subnet different from the LAN (i.e. if LAN was, I set wireless to

    Then I went to DHCP, setup scope to hand out in .50 to .100 (or whatever).

    Then I went to rules, created an everything rule identical to the one for LAN to WAN, and it just worked.



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