Pfsense one nic build

  • Hi everyone I have a question which is bugging me for while.

    Unfortunately, I cannot add a NIC to my pfsense box, coz I am running it on a Gigabyte Brix 2807 in a home set up. I just wanna have better control on my network and run VPN 24/7 on all devices.

    I've spend few days looking into a way to make my pfsense run with my USB NIC (which should be supported) but I have no success on it.
    After more research, I decide to abandon the USB NIC and try to make it work on a Smart switch (
    But I have no idea on how I could make it work from there, can only see my Wan connection and that is it, how to add the LAN, how to configure it with on a single NIC?(any tips, tutorials, videos, documentation?)

    My setup so far is something like this:

    The hardware I have available are:

    IPS Modem - Pfsense Brix - Smart Switch - Buffalo n600 router -

    From the Buffalo router should connect the Computer, Tablet, TV etc.

    thank you guys in advanced! :P

  • 1: You should search the forum vigorously - this setup is discussed for more then decade literally
    2: you wire your WAN to the switch, changing this port to some separate VLAN (so packets from ISP are marked with this VLAN), and on the port on which you connect your pfsense you should add this VLAN to tagged list.

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