1 WAN gateway but need to do routing for a specific site to break out of GRE

  • Hello,

    I have an SG4860 which has 1 wan cable coming in/out. This wan connection has 4 IPs but right now everything goes on 1 IP.

    I have another cloud security service which I have a GRE tunnel setup to put all traffic from the LAN -> WAN to. Therefore LAN traffic goes:

    LAN -> WAN -> GRE -> Cloud Provider -> WWW and back down again.

    I need to setup a route that bypasses the GRE+Cloud Provider for one specific website i.e.

    LAN -> WAN -> Specific Site

    I've tried setting up an alias for the specific site and making the firewall rule use the WAN as the gateway rather than the default gateway but it still goes down the GRE tunnel.

    Not really sure what to try at this point, any suggestions of how to break this routing out to a specific site? This site is a client who has firewall rules their side to only allow traffic from specific addresses and the Cloud provider uses dynamic addresses so the route around is to go from our static address.

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