Traffic Shaper broken?

  • I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed.

    However, it looks to me like traffic shaping is broken in the latest snapshots. The system works perfectly fine until I enable traffic shaping on my single WAN interface (em1). I can configure it fine, but when it loads up the queue status pfsense (the web interface) stops responding for some time (~ 5 minutes) and it kills the WAN connection. The web interface will eventually come back, but my WAN interface is still dead. Also, going back to the queue status hangs the web interface for another 5 minutes or so. The dashboard shows the actual interface is up, but the gateway is down. A release/renew on the WAN interface grabs the DNS info from my ISP, but I get an ip of

    A reboot fixes the WAN ip, but it still says the gateway is down and I can't pass any traffic until I remove the traffic shaper from the WAN interface. This has been the case for the last two or three snapshots I've tried over the last couple of days.

    Here is the build info:

    built on Sat Nov 8 15:48:24 EST 2008


  • I think it may just be me..

    I chose a different wizard this time (single LAN multi WAN) and picked 1 connection. My WAN connection seems to still be alive after setting up the shaper, but the queues never load except for the qACK on WAN. The rest stick at (Loading) and the web interface still hangs for ~5 minutes.. Even after resetting the queues.

    Previously, I was choosing "dedicated links" and just choosing one connection.


  • I know about it just do not use the Status->queues until i say it is fixed.

  • Will do.. ;)


  • If it helps, its pftop that isn't showing the queues correctly.  pfctl -vsq shows them just fine.

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