Setup for 2-pfsense loadbalance/failover?

  • We have an installation with 2 3-port PFsense hardware boxes, connected with both PPPoE links to the same ISP - the setup looks like this.

    WAN1                                WAN2
          |                                      |
    –---------      sync (Opt1)  ------------
    |pfsense1 |-----------------| pfsense2 |
    -----------                        ------------
          |                                      |
          LAN1                                LAN2
          |                                      |

    Both pfSense routers are using PPPoE to the ADSL wan via bridge-mode ADSL modems.  I can figure out how to do failover from left to right using CARP (tested in VMware) but
    is there any tutorial/guide on how to setup CARP failover and inwards & outwards round-robin load balancing?  Can it be done with this type of setup or would we need pfSense hardware boxes each with 2 WAN links, a LAN link and a Sync(Opt1) link for CARP?  As pfSense only supports 1 PPPoE link per instance, this would mean some changes to the modems as well if each pfSense box had to support 2 WAN links.

    Any help or pointers to guides for this would be appreciated.

    Greg Hastings
    Systems Administrator
    FEA Ltd

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