Which intel proc would you use for a cheap build?

  • Looking at either

    Intel G3930 Kaby Lake Dual-Core 2.9 GHz LGA 1151 51W


    Intel G4620 Kaby Lake Dual-Core 3.7 GHz LGA 1151 51W

    Top proc is only a dual core with no HT and its 36 bux, the bottom is dual core with HT and its 99. Both are Kaby Lake.

    Looking at this for a small form factor box to keep pfsense on.

  • Go with the G4620.

  • Thats what I was thinking, thanks.

  • Banned

    ehhhh. what?

    You gave no specifications whatsoever as to what you want to do with this box?

    If you are an average home user, then both of those CPU's are very likely overkill for you.
    Given that the only parameters you gave were Intel, SFF, Cheap…

    Then the cheapest one is probably better for you.

    More than likely they are both bad choices, but no one can really help you if you don't tell us what you'll use it for.

  • Intel G4620 Kaby Lake Dual-Core 3.7 GHz LGA 1151 51W

    This one plus 8 GB of RAM and ~60/120 GB mSATA or SSD will be for a long time!

  • Banned

    Anyone trying to answer this thread without knowing what you need to accomplish is just flipping a coin, they have no idea.

    garbage in, garbage out.

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