OpenVPN + Pi-Hole

  • Buonasera a tutti!

    I have just build my first pfSense and it's working perfectly. I have also made everything for the OpenVPN connection. It's work but I can't use the DNS that I want…

    In my LAN I have my pfSense box that have, like DNS: (My DNS with Pi-Hole) (DNS of WAN)

    What I want is to using from the outside my Pi-Hole. Which is the best configuration, that allows me to keep my client routing to the Raspberry for the querying?

    I have already try to add the classic:
    Code: [Select]
    push "dhcp-option DNS"
    in the serve VPN config but It's not work…

    The result of ping or dig to my raspberry are corrects and they're work. But If I try to change manually the DNS server my VPN goes down...

    Thanks!  ;)

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