Intel X5670 Questions…

  • So this is a werid one.

    I have a Supermico X8DA3 server. I just upgraded from E5580 2x cpus to the fastest CPUs I could get for the server that was still at 95wts power usge. That is the X5670 @ 2.93GHz.

    I had to update the firmware on the BIOs to get it to post but it works. Updated from ver1.0 to R2.1A.

    When I check in computer properties, I get the following "Intel Xeon CPU X5670 @ 2.93GHz 2.26GHz (2 processors)

    When I check in task manager. I see the same thing expect "Maximum speed: 2.26GHz".

    Any idea what gives? The board is compatible with the CPU, BIOS was recently updated etc… it even shows the CPU @ 2.93Ghz... so why is maximum speed stuck at 2.26Ghz???

    I looked online and can't find anything on this... its weird.

    Any ideas?

    The bios was flashed so it was reset to defaults during the upgrade. I only changed IDE mode to SATA to get array functional again... no other changes have been made.

  • so why is maximum speed stuck at 2.26Ghz???

    In the last 6 month some other users were also complaining and asking about that cpu max. speed here,
    I actually don´t find one back to show up and link on, mostly the cpu max. was showing something around
    2001MHz as the maximum but the CPU was able to archive 2,3GHz or more. But all was ending up, that this
    is not so easily to get rid of that problem reading out all different CPU methods, nothing more.

    no other changes have been made.

    Perhaps the default numbers are inside of the BIOS for CPU clock speed and/or RAM speed?
    I would have a look at there and then forget it if you can´t solve this, even on the named above problems
    some peoples from the staff where saying that they can´t do anything. And based on that I am pretty sure
    you will be only shown the false number by pfSense and your CPUs are all right running from 2,93GHz - 3,33GHz.

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