Squid very slow after upgrade squidguard 1.2.0_1-1

  • I've using Squid + SquidGuard about 6 month without problem.
    Recently I upgrade SquidGuard package to v1.2.0_1-1 and my problem begin, proxy become very slow. It take more than 5 minutes to open yahoo. If I disable SquidGuard proxy speed return to normal.
    I use pfSense v1.2, Squid v2.6.18.1_06 with local auth, SquidGuard v1.2.0_1-1 with Shallalist, Lightsquid v1.7.1.
    Is there something I can do to make SquidGuard usable again?

  • Slowly open any site?

  • Yes, every site.

  • @potechi:

    Yes, every site.

    Need you SG settings, and GUI mode (http/https/port).
    Also you system hardware configuration(ram/hdd/cpu)

  • My hardware:
    HP DL380 G5, mem 2 GB, HD 74 SAS

    SquidGuard setting:
    Enable blacklist
    Use shallalist
    deny some Destination rules in Default.

    My Squid setting that I add/change:
    Custom Options add "acl sslports port 8443"
    Hard disk cache size 2048
    Hard disk cache system diskd
    Memory cache size 128
    Maximum object size 40
    Authentication method Local

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