Pfsense doesn't obtain an DHCP iP after a power outage automatically

  • After a power outage or a restart of my pfsense appliance, pfsense doesn't grab an DHCP address automatically.  Once I go into Status/Interfaces an hit renew, pfsense grabs an IP no problem.  I would like to have that happen automatically without needing to login.  This has been a problem over the last couple of updates.  I am currently on version 2.3.4.  Not sure when this broke.

    My setup:
    pfsense 2.3.4



  • While not a fix to the DHCP problem, it's a good idea to use a UPS for network equipment.

  • It seems others are having the same issue.

    I'm wondering if it's a timing issue from the cable/dsl modem coming on line and being able to issue an IP address and the appliance. If its a major issue and you have the capability you could try delaying the boot of the router by 30 seconds or something like that to give the modem time to book and connect.

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