Cannot Access PFSense GUI from WAN IP Address

  • Hi,
    Yesterday I installed PFSense following the official wiki.
    The installation succedeed but, since the initial DHCP configuration for the WAN failed, I configured the IP Address manually.
    I'm not able to access the PFSense instance neither through the Web GUI, nor through SSH (I enabled it using the menu).
    Only outgoing conections work (I am able to reach Internet websites and external servers)

    Maybe the basic firewall filters all incoming connection.
    I've also tried to scan open ports several times using nmap, but I see only this output message "All ports are filtered"

    How can I enable access to the Web GUI?
    Do I have to set any specific rule on the OS firewall?

    Could you please help me with this issue?

  • All incoming (WAN) connections are blocked because it's usually a bad idea to allow them.

    Be. Careful.

    Setup a VPN if you need remote/external access.

    Be more clear about what you are asking, because I'm slightly confused, regarding whether you are referring to LAN or WAN access to the GUI.

  • Possible you swapped interfaces? How many does your installation have?

  • Thank you very much for your replies guys!
    I think I've misundertood how to connect to the GUI…  :-[

    Both WAL and LAN interfaces have been configured correctly.
    The problem is that I'm trying to connect to the Web GUI (or SSH) through the WAN.

    It make sense that all the icoming connections to the WAN are blocked indeed.

    I'll try to connect to the LAN interface and I'll get back soon.

  • The problem is that I'm trying to connect to the Web GUI (or SSH) through the WAN.

    I´ll consider that VPN should here the right way to realize such an Action! It is safe for you and not
    able to trace or use for others from outside! From the LAN side it is a totally different thing, there are
    normally not intruders and so you might taking the VLAN1 as you management VLAN for the admin
    because its the default VLAN and all devices are inside of that one. Another thing, if your pfSense box
    own a IPMI port I would consider to use that port to manage the pfSense firewall over that IPMI port.

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