One static public IP - routing one pfsense box through another

  • Internet <-> pfs1 <-> pfs2

    I’m doing a test of a second pfsense router and I only have one public static IP. So I’m trying to use the pfs1 LAN IP of as the WAN IP for pfs2. Is this even possible?

    pfs2 does have internet but none of the client machines on the network have internet. They cannot ping domains or internet IP addresses.

    pfs2 is setup pretty much the same way as pfs1 and I have tried several firewall rules on both boxes but without success.

    pfs1 (two interfaces):
    WAN: x.x.x.x

    pfs2 (two interfaces):

  • This should work by default, though. Both pfSense would do NAT, so you've double NAT, but this should not be a problem.
    Is the outbound NAT set to automatic mode on pfs2? pfSense has to do NAT on outbound packets on WAN.

    Have you double checked the network settings on the LAN2 machines?

    Have you really tested internet access by IP addresses to exclude a DNS issue?

    Try a traceroute to an internet address to see where it get stuck.

  • Figured it out. Really stupid mistake. Typo's in configuration.

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