SOEKRIS Replacements

  • Hello everyone,

    It's my first time posting here…. thanks for help in advance.

    As you may already now, Soekris Engineering, Inc. has suspended operations in the USA as of April 2017.
    We used to build pfSense over Soekris net5501 box.

    We are looking for out-of-the box ready assembled hardware to start using instead of Soekris, we are really limited in resource to build our own boxes.

    Appreciate your advice/suggestion out of your experience.


  • Netgate makes a variety of nice boxes, something like the SG-2440 is a good choice. If you only need 3 ports, the PC Engines APU2 units are good boxes and inexpensive.

  • Small boxes till big ones

    • pfSense shop SG units or from Netgates shop (complete and with a pre tuned pfSense OS according to the hardware)
    • PC Engines APU Series (as a complete bundle from some vendors!)
    • Qotom i3, i5 or i7 Boxes /ready assembled with RAM and mSATS/SSD/HDD and/or WiFi)

    Powerful and cool hardware

    • Supermicro bare bones or ready assembled servers (You may have to add only RAM and mSATA/SSD or WiFi)
      (Supermicro Intel Atom C2x58 series and Intel Xeon D-15x8 series (D-15x3N series Q4/2017 perhaps))

    Ready to install boxes, but pricy!

    • Axiomtek are building really cool boxes and stuff such as the NA341, NA341R, NA342R, NA345, NA361, NA361R)
    • Lanner has massively different systems from small to big one

    What ever you are deciding to go with, please take real 64Bit hardware and a CPU or SoC with AES-NI support
    to be future proof and not changing the hardware again in two or three years. 64Bit & AES-NI is a must be and
    not a should be or can be option!!! Not as today, but in a couple of years.

  • Thanks everyone, really appreciate it.  :) :)

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