No connectivity - Maybe a double NAT or gateway issue?

  • I'll start by saying I know this is a double NAT - and I'd love to hear how someone might solve that.  So here's what I'm trying to do; I have two wireless routers (both Linksys ACS), one will be open for the iot devices I have throughout the house the other will be for the devices I wish to have behind the pfsense box.  The pfsense box is a Zotac Z-box with 2 NICs - WAN and LAN.

    Here is the current setup:

    Verizon internet > router1 ( > ( w/DHCP) > router2 in Bridge/AP mode ( on DHCP lease)

    When I connect my laptop to router2 I don't have internet connectivity.  While connected to router2 I can ping, but not  pfsense box can ping every IP on each side of the network and through to the internet.

    Thanks in advance for assistance.

  • Verizon internet > router1 ( > ( w/DHCP) > router2 in Bridge/AP mode ( on DHCP lease)

    On router 1 please deactivate the DHCP Server
    On router 1 please set the DNS from your ISP or from Google

    On the pfSense firewall the DHCP Server can be turned on
    On pfSense please set the WAN IP address static to (
    On pfSense please set the IP address from the router 1 as the DNS server and leave all other DNS entries blank

    On router 2 you should put it in the WLAN AP mode without SPI/NAT because you are then behind a so called triple NAT situation
    and this will often cousing some different errors that will be not so easily to find out!
    On router 2 as the WLAN AP now, you should set in pfSense firewall the LAN port where the AP is connected to
    as working as an AP  and give them please another IP address range and use routing there. It would be mostly
    fast as before but without any issues. Set an extra DHCP server on pfSense for that WiFi network.

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