Need help with DNS


    I am a newbie on this so sorry for my ?

    I set up DC (Domain Controller) in my Windows 2003 Server, and I am able to see the test page that I created in the  (IIS) localy. What I want is to be able to access from the outside using the

    Any help with this is really apreciated.

  • Hi

    This is not exactly DHCP issue but I will help you anyway.

    First you must insert NAT.
    Firewall: NAT: Port Forward
    If Proto  Ext. port range NAT IP             Int. port range Description
    WAN TCP   80 (HTTP)       [Your Win Server IP]  80 (HTTP)         HTTP External

    Then insert rule: Firewall: Rules (WAN)
    Proto Source Port Destination               Port       Gateway Schedule Description
    TCP         *         * [Your Win Server IP]  80 (HTTP)  *                   HTTP External

    This settings will open external WAN port 80 for all external connections.

  • Thank you for your response,

    Is this using pfSense?

  • That is the procedure for forwarding web traffic from your WAN IP to the private IP of your web server.
    The DNS part of this would be to create an A record, such as pointing to the public IP.

    I'm obligated to mention that running a public web page on your Windows domain controller is a bad idea.

  • I just want to use my domain in my own server. My server would be dedicated for live streaming and video streaming thru Flash Media Server. I want to be able to use my domain for exp: rtmp://MYDOMAIN/APPLICATION/INSTANCE and give my domain to the clients in set of the IP address, I will not host a web site in my server. So what I need is instruction in how to acomplish this, in how to host my own domain in my own server.

    Thank you for the feedbacks.

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