Port Forwarding - Programs show pfSense IP, and not true IP?

  • Having a weird issue (or maybe this is normal behaviour, but something I would like to change).

    I have setup port forwarding for certain programs.  When I access those programs/servers externally (e.g., from my cellphone) - those programs show either the server IP as accessing it (e.g., if the server is and I am port forwarding from the internet to that port, the program thinks is accessing itself) or the pfSense router IP is showing as accessing (

    I would like the real IP accessing (external internet IP from my cellphone provider) to show so I can log properly.

    Is this a pfsense thing?  Any options I can adjust?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    That is not how a normal port forward would work, so you must of setup some sort of source nat.

    Post up your forwards..

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