PfblockerNG and DNS not resolving

  • I thought I would try out the pfblockerNG since the addon in my browser wasn't having it anymore. I followed this guide and it all seems to be working alright. I don't see any ads.

    However, this mornign when I shut down my pfsense machine for some electrical work in my apartment, when I started it up again it wouldn't resolve any DNS lookups. I couldn't get anywhere, not even sites I've already been using before. Pinging outside IP's worked so it was definietely some lookup issues.

    I got it working again after first disabling DNS resolver and activating DNS forwarder, tried looking up a site, worked, turned it back to DNS resolver and disabling DNS forwarder.

    What I'm wondering is, do you think this is a one time thing and it will work again after a shutdown or have I missed something in my DNS resolver settings?

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