SSH Login – why does hitting enter log you out?

  • On the console, hitting enter redraws the menu.  Logging in via SSH, hitting enter LOGS YOU OUT.  Why is there not parity here?

    It took me at least 15 minutes to figure out that my ssh wasn't broken because I got logged out as soon as I was logged in.  :o

    Whenever I come to a session I have open in screen or something like that, it's almost instinct to hit enter to make sure the system's still responding before doing something.

    Is there a tunable that will fix this behavior?

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    If you ssh in, you need to hit 8 to get to shell says so right there when you connect ;)

  • I'm aware of that.

    When you're looking at the menu, there's nothing saying the default is "0", and it doesn't match what the behavior is on the actual console, where it repeats the menu.  That's what I would expect.

    I know this is going to drive me nuts if I'm trying to SSH in while the network is having issues.


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    Hitting enter there logs you out even on the console. The serial console merely respawns a new getty. Press enter 6 times rapidly on serial console and see what happens.

    Don't hit enter there. It will log you out. It is the way it is. What should it do instead?

  • On the main console, the impression is not that you're being logged out and being logged back in – the user experience is that the menu redraws (the mechanics of that are hidden from us):
      Like the old BBS days, it's simply a "repeat this menu" if too much dmesg noise has come up.  Effectively, the user-experience is similar to a ctrl-L.

    On pretty much every other piece of network hardware I've got -- and I've got a few (Four different Cisco OSes, Juniper, Procurve), hitting enter at an empty prompt will at most be a no-op.  All my APC kit?  Enter redraws the menus.

    Same for pretty much every unix system I've got.

    The prompt in the menu is literally just:

    "Enter an option:"


    "Enter an option (Default: 0):"


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    Which is exactly the behavior if you are actually at the CLI (shell - option 8) and not the menu.

    File a feature request.

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