Gigabyte Tiny PC, possible awesome pfsense hardware

  • Possibly but the dual Realtek lans spoil it to an extent.

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    Realteks will be great for the massive majority of pfSense installations.

    Pretty much anything sub 100Mbps will be able to do a lot with this.

  • Keep in mind that this board is nothing new. SBC's, tiny form factors and the likes have been around for ages. What's happening is that the Raspberry Pi as a community and educational project has been great and every PC manufacturer is trying to get in on it, but for the wrong reasons, with the wrong hardware.

    For about $149 you can get the SG-1000, which does the same speed but in a form factor that is about the size of a portable hard drive. It probably does more than the 100Mbit and has Intel NIC's.

  • This thing will likely run rings around an SG-1000, I don't know why anyone would limit it to 100Mbps. Without pricing, it's hard to evaluate price/performance. Probably, you'll pay a premium for graphics which are irrelevant for this application, which will make it tremendously overpriced for what you're getting. The N3350 has a recommended price of $107 just for the CPU, compared to $27 for a C3388 (which has a higher base clock also). The more products there are in the space the better, competition spurs innovation and all, but I'd probably pass on this one.

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    By 100Mbps I meant you could still use a number of packages in that range.

    It will go far faster without packages.

  • On top of all that, a cheap (crappy?) chinese box probably would be a beter fit, with Intel nics and a more fitting CPU/SoC for the same or a lower price point.
    I get it, new boards and marketing are cool, but don't get yourself trapped in the 'shiny new thing' cycle.

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