Load balancing through multiples radio backhaul

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to improve my configuration. One of my customer is too far from the telephonic central so direct DSL wasn't possible. We built radio backhaul with Ubiquiti hardware. There is currently 4 radio bridges (60 Mbits each). We use multiple radio to avoid DFS jump and other channel perturbations.

    We have one pfsense on the village side connected to 8 DSL (15mbits each, load balanced) and radio bridges. On the other side we have one pfsense (virtualised) connected to the lan and radio bridges.

    Currently I use LAGG protocol on the radio backhaul. It doesn't work as I want. Due to LAGG protocol I have to use serverals IP (source and destination) between my two Pfsense (I use VLAN).

    My question is can I use a load balancer on each pfsense instead of LAGG on the swicth, I can configure my radio bridges with VLAN as Pfsense see them as independent links.

    Sorry for my poor English :-)

  • Best thing would be to get a radio that can handle the speed..  Ubiquiti makes an Air Fiber unit that will pass a gig..

    Otherwise I think I would pass the modems direct through the radios (2 each via VLANs) and terminate (ppp) on the far end pfSense box an if possible eliminate a pfSense box at the lower end.

    It would require a managed switch at the modem end.

    You could try and get your ISP to do an MLPPP circuit for you. Then all 8 modems would bond to a single PPP session..

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    As long as all the pfSense interfaces are separate with separate gateways (such as /30 networks with one address on each side) you should be able to put them all into a load balance group.

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