(Potentially a Bug) OpenVPN uses a gateway outside of the selected gateway group

  • First of all, I'm not sure if this fits here or under openvpn section. Sorry if it's the wrong one.

    When all the wan connections in a gateway group that openvpn uses are down, the vpn reconnects using any wan outside of the the specified gateway group and sticks to it even after a wan in the gateway group becomes online. The only solution is to restart the openvpn service.

    I noticed this hence the significant latency difference between the wans in the group and the one outside it (vsat connection).

    Running pfSense 2.3.4

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    So you have:


    And a gateway group of WAN1 and WAN2

    OpenVPN Client or Server?

    Presuming Client. And you have the OpenVPN Client bound to the gateway group containing WAN1 and WAN2?

    And if both gateways are down, the client connects via the VSAT?

    Which WAN is set as the default gateway? Do you have default gateway switching on? (System > Advanced, Miscellaneous)

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