Issues after 2.3.4-Release (i386) Upgrade

  • So over the weekend I needed to upgrade a rather older (but stable) install of 2.0.n on a Soekris Net4801.

    Used the Auto Upgrade, which downloaded, then "installed" then Rebooted – an NOTHING --

    Connected to the Serial Console and realized I had not system.

    Did a reboot and watched it upgrade / install the unit this time..

    Took a second reboot to get it to the "installed" state.  But I have had all sort of issues from stability to the "502 Bad Gateway" NGIX screen..

    After I took the IPSec off the Status screen as suggested here it's better, although it seems to be in a Checking for update loop.  Spining Star --

    Also, at least once had to restart service PHP-FPM (16) to get the console back.

    Don't think I have had this many concerns / problems in many many years of using pfSense....  So I am looking for some basic guidance on settings / steps to get stable. An recommended steps to get my two IPSec tunnels up, and get NGIX to be at least somewhat responsive.  It seems to hang when I try and update the tunnel configs..

    --TIA --  an no I really do not want to by a new box at this time..

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Frankly, the minimum hardware requirements for 2.3.x have outgrown that box, and it isn't capable of running 2.4 at all.

    If you start from a freshly imaged CF and restore your configuration it may run, but you'll need to watch what features you have enabled carefully, and probably not have any packages.

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