Syslog which Windows App?

  • Hi, Does the syslog output from pfsense conform to a standard format recognized by most loggings apps and what is it?

    I've tried a couple of Windows apps including Kiwi. Whilst they log the message output to file line by line, it's raw firewall output and they didn't parse it for a clear live display. In some respects pfsenses own firewall logs with headers are better. I think I can find logging apps that can do these things offline for a saved log file, but I really want the live display and update as good and responsive as  I can see from the .pfsense firewall screens.

    For home use is there a syslog app for windoze that includes the monitor server, parses raw message output and presents the records in realtime with meaningful headers or headers you can manually assign? I'm not looking for something expensive and heavyweight for monitoring commercial networks.

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