How strict is the requirement not to use .local for a LAN if also using Avahi?

  • Under "System -> General Setup -> Domain" it states "Do not use 'local' as a domain name. It will cause local hosts running mDNS (avahi, bonjour, etc.) to be unable to resolve local hosts not running mDNS".

    On the other hand I'm also running FreeNAS which states "If the network does not use a domain name, add '.local' after the hostname", and need to accommodate Apple discovery via mDNS.  There's no formal domain as such, so any domain is entered just because pfSense or other systems need one to refer to. So there's no problem as such, I can enter ".mylan" in both, and both will be happy.

    But it got me thinking.

    How strict is the requirement not to use .local as the domain? Would configuring Avahi not to use "local" be enough or are all Apple/bonjour devices hard-coded to expect .local by default for the local network as well? is there a workaround if someone wanted to use ".local" and what would the actual effects be?

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    Why not just add a tld, single label domains not really a good idea.. If you like local, I do ;) But I use local.lan for my domain - this tells me its the local lan ;) hehehe

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