Restoring old confing into newer version of pfsense

  • So here is my problem, I have plenty of config backups, not always matching the exact version of pfsense currently installed. When I need to retore config from ver. 2.3.4 into 2.3.4_1 it simply does not boot up, it is just frozen and this happens with many configs like 2.3.3 on 2.3.4, any combination you want.

    Is there a bypass to this, I have to reinstall everything and start confing from the scratch?

  • 'Normally' a old config backup restored on a recent pfSense should automatically upgrade and install packages..

    Did the hardware change? If there is no internet while it boots itll try to install packages which has rather long timeouts..

  • All hardware is the same, also not a problem with a slow connection. It happens even when there is maybe one package but it does not go into that point when it installing packages. I know there was a problem when you have e.g. different interface settings from your current working internet connection but I don't mean that situation. All connections and settings are the same, what is different is config version in relation to the current pfsense version. This happens on like close to 10 boxes SG-4860 different versions of config 2.x.x into different 2.x.x  ()

    When choose restore ALL, pfsense reboots and after few seconds stops at BOOT and does not change the screen right after like it does normally when I check with console cable.
    The bypass I discovered so far is restore piece by piece and reboot but that does not satisfy me. I have also notice that it is not seldom for this kind of box I mentioned to freeze console view while you still have IP from dhcp on a default LAN interface.

  • What packages do you have installed?  I know I've installed newer configs on older versions (PC dies, install on new with whatever .iso we have downloaded, restore config, and upgrade pfSense).  It should prompt if it detects different interfaces, or in the past I've edited the .xml file with the new interface name before restoring.

    When backing up, do you maybe uncheck "Skip RRD data"?  (I never have…just looking for differences)

  • Netgate Administrator

    The only section of the config that should ever be restored individually in the versions are different is system. That's the only section that contains the version information required to run to appropriate update scripts.

    Can we see the console log showing the exact point it stops booting?

    The most common reason for that is some console setting in the restored config changing the output such as serial speed or serial/video console.


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