Huawei e3372

  • Hi!

    My new qotom just arrviced and had a plan to get rid off Dovado Pro.

    Anyway is there any step-by-step instructions with e3772 & pfsense. I tried yesterday and did not get it working. Huawei FW is

    My need for E3372 is because it is supporting external antennas.

    Also… if I am using PPP what should be procedures for succeeding that and what might be speed I achieved?

    I tried Dovado Pro as a bridge mode + pfsense at 2015 but then I got problems (and also some other users had similar problems). What you think could cause that and how to fix? That problem is discussed

  • Netgate Administrator

    Try connecting it then check the system log to see what is reported.

    You might also try running on the device detected:  usbconfig  dump_device_desc

    Or usbconfig dump_all_config_desc

    Either could reveal useful info.


  • For PPP some kind of tutorial is here.
    With 22.X firmware your modem cannot run PPP, firmware needs to be changed to 21.X, keep in mind the difference between 3372s and 3372h - firmware files are different!

    For HiLink modems (i.e. those running 22.X firmware) you can read here.

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