Ipsec/IKEv2 VPN - mobile has access to LAN resources but dsn't force all traffic

  • Hello all,
    I used this setup:

    I can connect to the LAN from my iphone, I can access internal resources. The problem is that the rest of the internet traffic is not forced through my networks WAN. I have some random IP from my carrier. I did set as my network address in the Phase 2 field.
    Also, using the above tutorial I don't know how to set the pfsense IP as DNS for my VPN connection. I have some LAN servers that I want to access using a defined name.
    So, how do I force all internet traffic from my phone through the VPN connection, and how do I set the pfsense IP as DNS for the phone, while connected to VPN?
    Thank you

  • I tried again using an OpenVPN setup. I followed this tutorial:

    I have the same problem. Either I can only access the internal resources, but no internet. Either I can access the internal resources but internet is from mobile provider. Can't get my phone to use the VPN internet connection. What am I doing wrong? Is this thing even possible?
    I did check the "Force all client generated traffic through the tunnel." option. No internet on phone, only LAN resources.

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