How long should the RC2 update take?

  • I am trying to apply the update to 933 P III.  I finally reboot my first attemp earlier today after it ran for serveral hours.  The current update I started a few minutes ago.  Not sure how long it should take.

  • you could download the update manually and then upgrade pfsense


  • I have tried to upgrade form the console and from the web interface and the system will not upgrade.  I am not sure why it will not allow me to upgrade.  Does anyone have any thoughts?

    It keep telling me from the console that it is missing files and will not up grade.

  • Please show the exact error message.  This report does not help.

    And it should not take long, maybe 5-15 minutes.

  • No error that I could see from the WEb GUI, butfrom the console it could not find the file in the temp folder.  The error went by to fast.

  • How did you upgrade from the console?  Did you supply the full path to the file?

  • I created a folder at the root of the disk and it was called update I specified the /update as the path.  From the GUI it just never updated.  I am going to try to update my virtual image and see if that fixes that it issue.

  • I ended up doing a clean install on my virtual server then did the upgrade.  No issue.  Not sure what the issue but I can tell you that I have one package phsysinfo.  I think that might be where it's failing.

    I have keep my real firewall off line.  I can test with it.


  • Hi,

    Hmmm…dunno what happened to your box but I just did update to the latest 1.2.1 from the GUI, took ~3min to download, untar/patch then reboot as usual, the whole system came up in another 3min or so. I would say that whole update process should be done in NLT 10min.


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