DNS keeps failing on my multiwan setup even though a gateway is up.

  • Hi all,

    I'm not sure if I just don't know how to use pfsense or if there is a bug in here somewhere.  I've attached some pictures of the relevant settings/configurations.

    Basically what I have is 3 WANS…  All 3 of these WAN's are mobile hotspots in the house since I have nothing but dialup in my area (no DSL/cable, etc)...  Since I am in a remote area the mobile hotspots work, but are unreliable at times.  I'm hoping since I'm using 2 different providers (T-Mobile and Verizon) that I can somehow make this more reliable.

    My WANS are as followed:

    WAN1_TM_TAB_DHCP (T-Mobile Tablet which is stationary)
    WAN3_TM_BRA_DHCP (T-Mobile my personal phone which could leave the house at times)
    WAN2_VZ_WORKJETPACK (Verizon Jetpack for data which is stationary)

    However, the biggest problem I'm having is that the DNS service keeps failing.

    Picture 1 - The dashboard screen is displaying that both T-Mobile WANS are having issues.  When I ping, it says it cannot resolve the host.
    Picture 2 - My floating firewall rules that shows that DNS requests are using gateway group DNS_FAIL.
    Picture 3 - The floating firewall rule details for the DNS requests.
    Picture 4 - The gateway groups (the relevant one being DNS_FAIL)
    Picture 5 - The DNS_FAIL gateway group and settings showing the trigger and tiers.
    Picture 6 - The sticky connections setting including the flush all states when a gateway goes down.

    I've tried multiple different configurations but I can't seem to make this work (including turning off the flush states, etc).  From my understanding based on my settings that since the Verizon Jetpack (WAN2) is online that DNS should route to it based on the firewall rule + gateway, correct?

    If I am missing anything (more configuration screenshots) holler.  This has been a thorn in my side for months as computers seems to fail to resolve at times.

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