DNS Resolver + OpenDNS forwarders question…

  • Running 2.3.4-RELEASE-p1

    I recently switched from using the DNS Forwarder to DNS Resolver by disabling the Forwarder and enabling the resolver.

    If I click the DNS Forwarder option under DNS Resolver, I'm unable to resolve anything.  Disabling DNS forwarder lets things work again.

    Under System, General Setup, I've got two DNS Servers set – both of the public OpenDNS servers ( and

  • Disabling the default setting "Enable DNSSEC Support" lets things work correctly again with Forwarding Mode enabled.  The OpenDNS public DNS servers do not use DNSSEC.  Should forwarding lookups fail when DNSSEC support is enabled but where forwarding DNS servers do not support DNSSEC? I would expect lookups to fail only when DNS servers support DNSSEC but where what is returned does not validate correctly.

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