Access management interface on dhcp modem on Wan

  • I have a modem on my wan 1 interface that I would like to access its management interface which is when the wan is a completely different subnet.

    From what I have read you can use virtual IPs to do this but I just cant get it to work. I suspect I am not setting up the NAT rule correctly.

    At the moment I have a rather dirty solution of another wan and using a switch to couple them.

    The system is multi wan (2wans+2 associated management ) and multi LAN (8 vlans)

    All help appreciated

    Rather new to this so as simple an explanation as possible would be appreciated.


  • I think, you are on the right way.
    Of course you need a virtual IP (IP alias) on the WAN interface connected to that modem. Ensure that you set the subnet mask correctly (not a /32 which is default).
    Also you need to add an outbound NAT rule for this connection. So you have to set the outbound NAT to hybrid or manual mode if it's in automatic. Than add a new rule for the respective interface, set the source = any, dest. = modem IP, at translation address select the virtual IP you've added before.

  • Thought I had tried that but cannot get it to work.
    Is there an idiots step by step guide to this anywhere?

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