Problem with NAT websited and emails

  • Hi everyone, i use pfsense from few days and i have little problem.
    Before the problem in the network i have VM with CentOS Web Panel and i have it few sites and email server.I forwarded the ports and ips.
    The problem is that i cant reach site localy and email server not working localy but from outsite of my network sites can be opened and emails can be recived and sended.Where can be the problem.

  • The reason is probably that you try to reach your internal servers by their public host names, which could not work. Cause you've forwarded the public IPs only on the WAN interface, not on the internal ones.

    Tow ways to resolve:

    • Set up an internal DNS (split DNS) if you haven't already one and override the public host names with the internal host IPs.

    • Use NAT reflection. That "reflects" the forwarding rules to the internal interfaces. NAT reflection can be activated in each particular NAT rule or globally in System > Advanced > Firewall & NAT.
      For the global set up, at "NAT Reflection mode for port forwards" select "pure NAT" and check "Enable automatic outbound NAT for Reflection". If you want to use the global settings the "NAT reflection" option in the forwarding rule has to be set to "system defaults", which is the default option.

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