Multi WAN IPs to Multi VLAN NAT

  • Hey,

    I currently face a little Problem with some NAT. I have a WAN Connection with several public IPs needed to be used by several internal VLANs.

    Lets say, my WAN IPs would be - with as my WAN GW. On my LAN I have 5 matching VLAN IDs 2 to 6.

    From VLAN 1: to VLAN 5:

    What I want to achieve is a normal NAT Operation for those isolated VLANs with a WAN Mapping like: <-NAT-> <-NAT-> <-NAT-> <-NAT-> <-NAT->

    Currently I tried to add my public WAN IPs as a "IP Alias" to my WAN Interface and created VLANs with matching DHCP Settings. So far so good, but how do I get the mapping done right? 1:1 Mapping as far as I understood only help me to map to a single host not to a whole /24

    Does anybody have some experience with that?

    Thanks in Advance

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That wouldn't be 1:1, just plain outbound NAT (Firewall > NAT, Outbound tab)

    Switch to hybrid outbound NAT and add rules to do just what you state, for example:

    • Interface: WAN
    • Protocol: Any
    • Source: Network,
    • Destination: Any
    • Translation Address:

    And then repeat that, changing the source network and translation address. You'll need one rule for each pairing.

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