Unable to get an IP from modem to complete setup

  • I'm attempting to set up a pfsense router on an old notebook with one NIC.
    I've configured 2 VLANs on the notebook, VLAN100(WAN) and VLAN200(LAN).
    On a DELL 2824 Managed switch I want the Cable Modem to go in port 1 and the pfsense notebook to go in port 2. I've reserved port 24 for managing the switch. Ports 3-23 are for LAN traffic.
    On the switch I've set VLAN100 on ports 1 and 2, both Tagged.
    VLAN200 ports 1 and 2 Tagged, ports 3-23 Untagged.
    VLAN1 port 24 untagged.
    PVID for ports 1 and 2 is 100, ports 3-23 is 200, and port 24 is 1.
    With a notebook(not pfsense notebook) plugged into any port 3-23 I can access pfsense GUI Management.
    The problem is that I cannot get an IP from the Modem from DHCP on VLAN100.
    I've rebooted the Modem multiple times, but still do not get an IP address from the Modem.
    I'm pretty sure the problem is in my configuration on the switch.
    Not really sure where to go from here. Help would be appreciated!!

  • 1. does your modem give out an IP based on MAC address?
    2. when take down your VLAN's on the laptop and plug in the modem to it does it work?
    3. Are you able to ping the laptop over it's WAN and LAN vlans?

    Sounds like you have reverse engineer the problem and check everything over. If your modem assigns an IP by MAC make sure there is a being broadcasted.

  • I'll check these first thing when I get home this evening and report back.

  • 1. Not sure, but I don't think so.
    2. I plugged a different laptop directly to the modem and it got an IP and was able to surf the internet.
    3. I didn't check this this time.

    However, I did connect the modem and notebook(not pfsense) to an unmanaged switch, and, as expected, it worked just fine.
    When I connect the modem and notebook(not pfsense) to a managed switch on the same vLAN I do not get an IP.

  • Well I changed to a different managed switch, configured it the same way as before, and everything worked like a charm.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Interesting because the port going to your modem should be untagged on VLAN 100.

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