Proxy or Vpn Surfing from another place

  • I have a computer with pfsense 2.3.4-RELEASE-p1 (i386) installed on it
    Also installed squid
    Is it possible to add to pfsense or to squid a Proxy (I need a proxy or a vpn ?) in order for all traffic that pass through the system (pfsense)
    Pass through this proxy / vpn
    As if I (Or anyone using the network) were surfing from a different location (another country)

    If so
    how do I do it

    Hope I explained well

    If the question is not suitable the forum can be moved to the appropriate forum

  • Get a VPN account from somewhere.  Configure OpenVPN to connect pfSense to it.  Use policy-based routing to route whatever traffic you want over the VPN link.  No idea how well this would work (if at all) in conjunction with squid.

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