High LAN latency, when WAN is saturated

  • I got two firewall (1.2) on different networks, where I encounter the following:

    When the WAN Interface get's fully saturated, then on one firewall the LAN interface and on the other firewall the OPTional interface show very high ping latencies. Where pings are usually very low (it's LAN), they go up to 1000ms when pinging the firewall on the internal side from internal. This is usually barely noticeable, unless you run monitoring software or you have a third network card. In the case of a third network card, all traffic from the OPT to LAN slows seriously down!

    Unfortunately I can't pinpoint the problem, as anything within pfSense looks A-okay.

  • Have you tried enabling/disabling polling?

  • Hi,

    Better check your vmstats("top" just works) while WAN is saturated, and keep the system away from swamping way too many interruputs:

    CPU:  0.4% user,  0.0% nice,  1.5% system,  0.6% interrupt, 97.6% idle

    If your nic is capable of polling, try turn it on.

    The following is the one very "ouch!" condition:

    CPU states:  1.0% user,  1.0% nice,  4.9% system, 93.1% interrupt0.0% idle


  • Sounds like you're using the traffic shaper, that's just a limitation of how it works in 1.2.x.

  • IIRC the interrupt load is low, otherwise I'm quite shure I would have spotted it, but I'll double check on that!

    I do have TS enabled (VoIP - kinda a must).

    Looking forward for 2.0 :/

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