SG-4868 antivirus (sales question)

  • Looking at the SG4868 for my home network. From what I've read, it can handle a gigabit WAN but curious if it has the ability to watch for malware/viruses and block access to infected sites?

    Currently have an ASUS gateway with McAfee's AiProtection.

    From what i understand of pfsense, it supports this via extensions. Does the hardware appliance from Netgate support that? I've searched around, but haven't found a conclusive answer.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • Galactic Empire

    pfSense supports two IDS / IPS packages, Snort and Suricata. These filter network traffic for any malicious activities and available from the pfSense package repository. You can enable also ClamAV with Squid package, however Snort is much more effective.

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