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  • hi,

    i use a ubiquiti router as my main.
    i find it easier to set up static dns through a separate port on the edgerouter instead of using pfsense and vlans.
    so, i have a pfsense firewall plugged into one of the ports of the edgerouter.

    as for the localization time server on the general setup page,
    should i use the ip address of the edgerouter instead of the 0.pfsense.pool.ntp.org's?


  • Netgate Administrator

    You can do that if the edgerouter is running ntp and is a reliable source. You probably don't need extreme precision.

    One advanatge of doing that is the edge router will (may) still provide ntp even when the WAN is off line. If you reboot pfSense during that time it will not hav to time-out waiting for ntp response.

    It also minimises the ntp traffic on your WAN if only the edge router is sending ntp requests directly.

    However it's usually recommended to have several ntp sources set so that one failing does not cause ntp to fail entirely. So you you could just set both.


  • thanks,

    so it's ok if i solely use the ip address of the edgerouter on the pfsense ntp server config page?
    or do i still need some pfsense.pool.ntp.org servers?


  • ok,  i kind of solved my problem.
    i had a firewall rule to only allow the ntp port to be open in my pfsense openvpn setup.
    i guess it couldn't communicate with the main router through the ntp port.
    i thought that if i pointed the ntp server of the pfsense firewall to the main router that it would work. it didn't.
    maybe i have to open a port somewhere for it to work?

    anyway, i just removed that firewall rule and pool.ntp.org servers now work.

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