MultiWan on VLAN and Subnets

  • Hi everybody!

    i`m having a problem with fail over and subnets

    This is my setup

    WAN1 with static IP
    WAN2 with static IP

    LAN interface with 30 VLAN's /subnets. Each vlan can see other vlan's
    Every vlan/subnet has a default rule to allow in/out traffic via default gateway
    Every vlan/subnet has a 192.168.xx.0/24 subnet and 192.168.xx.1 as default gateway of it vlan

    For the gateways

    Gateway group T1
    WAN1 1
    WAN2 2

    Gateway group T2
    WAN2 1
    WAN1 2

    The WAN1 gateway is acting as default gateway, the tear scenario isn't enable

    The problem:
    Everything works without problems untill I set Gateway group T2 to subnet XX as defaul gateway in the firewall rules of that interface.
    Once i do that, in a matter of hours, all subnets are routed outside the gateway for that subnet
    When i do a traceroute on a computer belonging to subnet XX, every other of the 30 subnets are looked up outside my LAN via WAN2 (T2)
    I've been reading about Static route filtering. but i need yout advice to aim correctly to resolve the problem
    Thanks in advnace!
    Ps: Excuse my english.

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