DNS Issues

  • Hi

    I have 3 servers on a hosted platform - each with static IP's

    1 of the them is a Domain Controller that runs DNS server as well.

    I set a virtual PFsense box up and put it before the Public Ip Gateway.
    Lan IP 192.168.0,3
    public ip

    The 3 servers have
    static IPs (DC and DNS server)

    server set ups

    I placed the ISP DNS servers in the general tab on the PFSense box
    Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN - checked
    Do not use the DNS Forwarder or Resolver as a DNS server for the firewall  - checked

    DNS resolver is enabled and all it's settings default.
    DNS forwarding not enabled.
    NAT settings all default

    The diagnostic DNS Lookup works

    The servers can ping each other
    The servers can ping DC/DNS server and resolve a servername/domain name ping
    The servers can ping  192.168.0,3
    the servers can ping
    They can ping
    and they can ping (public gateway)

    They can search in a browser eg test
    Can't access web pages when typing address - eg www.google.com

    I have obviously done/over looked something very silly but I have spent all day on it and can't see the wood for the trees.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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