Multiple voip Phone behind pfsense not registering

  • I have a pfsense box in our datacenter where we host our multiple pbx systems. All have the own public IP's everything works great with most clients. With my recent add on I have added a another pfsense box at the client which the phones try to connect to the datacenter and has issues with multiple registrations. I am using the latest pfsense 2.34 on both ends.

    I have tried sipproxy which got the phones registering no problem all incoming calls worked but all outgoing would not reach the pbx server. in this remote site there is multiple ip phones that connect to different pbx providers and they had issues connecting also.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • follow the guidelines for pfsense+voip found in
    ask someone who knows sip to look into the signalling to find a cause

  • thanks I will look in to I t

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