Appliance recommendation and the design

  • Hi,

    I'm still struggling on which device I should get and how to properly design the network.

    I would like to be able to filter the in and out of the network, block ads (pfblockerng), block phone home 3rd party applications, view a siem like flow, maybe suricata or snort but this might be more complicated and maybe not useful for home use.

    I also use Windscribe VPN at the moment. Does the VPN in  pfSense as anything to do with this?

    I believe I need 3 networks that doesn't talk to eachother but I might want to manage the cameras and lights from the iPhone…
    1- Main computers and gaming consoles (imac, mbp, iPhone)
    2- IoT - cameras or connected light bulbs Philips hue
    3- reverse malware engineering laptop

    Current appliances: modem, apple time capsule, 2 x TP-LINK TL-SG108 (they are not used at the moment) and a D-LINK DIR-655 (not used at the moment).
    Connection: 30/10
    What should I buy: a sg-1000, sg-2220, sg-2440 (hoping that the sg-1000 would be enough, it's more in my price range! :))

    Thanks for the input

  • My current Time Capsule doesn't give me any flexibility… It works but I can't see whats coming in and out of the network and can't isolate the devices...

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