Simple multi wan setup, managing what host uses what wan

  • Currently i have access to 2 isp's and i am required to have redundant hardware.
    I have 2 wans set up, however i do not want to set up failover, instead i want everything to connect to the web via Wan1 and I want a couple specific nodes (using static ip's) to connect to wan2 only, im assuming i can accomplish this with an outbound nat rule? how do i set that up?

    to complicate things just a little i am using Carp, but wan2 is not a carp member and rules related to it are not synced.

    current settings are
    wanA upstream
    wanA vip
    box 1 wanA ip
    box 2 wanA ip

    wanB upstream xx.xx.xx.2/24
    box 1 wanB ip xx.xx.xx.23
    box 2 wanB ip xx.xx.xx.24

    lan 1 vip
    box 1 lan ip
    box 2 lan ip

    sync interface info not included. I am not using the carp failover for wanB as I want carp to switch over only if our primary isp is down.

    how do i make the device with the lan ip address use wanB instead of wanA like all other traffic

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